Website Programming

Programming - what it means to you

At TurnKey, we offer both traditional HTML5 programming, as well as PHP based Content Management System programming to allow easy site updating.

Content Management System - Edit it yourself

A content management system (CMS) is a powerful tool for businesses that want to present a lot of content. It also has the capability to expand as your business grows.

Access from anywhere: Editors can access the site from any computer with an internet connection. This means no additional software to purchase.

Designed with non-technical authors in mind: People with average knowledge of word processing can create the content directly. No HTML knowledge needed.

Consistency is preserved: Because content is stored separate from design, the content is presented with the same, consistent design.

Navigation is automatically generated: Menus are generated and updated automatically and links will not point to non-existing pages.

HTML5 and CSS3 Programming -
Let us do the work

If you don’t have frequent updates, then HTML programming will allow us (or someone you designate) to do the updates for you. HTML5 and CSS3 is the current standard for web programming. We use HTML5 compatible image sliders, linking and markups, meaning your site will work accross a variety of devices and browsers.

Responsive Design

Allowing your message to come through on a variety of screens is key in todays economy. Potential clients will no longer settle for website that are not designed for the mobile experience.

Responsive website are built with technology to automatically adapt to the users' screen size without the need for seperate desktop and mobile sites.

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